Lifestyle Tips for Health

No matter what your specific sign, symptom, problem or disease is, be it high cholesterol, obesity, back pain, diabetes, heart disease, etc., ALL of them can be improved through Lifestyle measures.

My office focuses on 6 major Lifestyle Factors to promote overall wellness above and beyond a patient’s specific complaints. These are: 1.Moving Well.  2. Good Nutrition.   3. Balancing Inflammation.  4. Healthy Weight.  5. Stress Management.  6. Adequate Rest

I have strategies to address each of these issues individually, but there is considerable overlap among all of them. Doing something to address one will influence the others.

Always keep in mind that HEALTH IS A SPECTRUM, it is not “all or nothing”. Do not make the mistake of doing nothing because you can’t do everything. ANY POSITIVE CHANGE you can make will be beneficial. ANYTIME IN LIFE you start is ok.

The U.S. ranks 28th in mortality among the 34 OECD countries. We spend the most on healthcare of all of them, by far.

 In 2016 there were about 4 ½ BILLION prescriptions filled in the U.S.

Our diet is the #1 leading risk factor for all-cause mortality and disability. Greater than smoking, obesity, high blood pressure or high blood sugar (the next highest risk factors).

The 5 worst things about our diet: 1. Low in Fruit, 2. Low in Nuts and Seeds, 3. High in Sodium, 4. High in Processed Meats, 5. Low in Vegetables.

My recommendation is to add foods, and not to focus solely on what you shouldn’t have.

My most frequently recommended supplements are: Vitamin D3 and Omega 3s. People supplementing with Vitamin D3 are living longer and those with more omega 3s in their system have less chronic disease.  Both can help cool down Inflammation.

Inflammation Promotes: Immune suppression, Depression, Accelerated brain aging, PAIN and virtually ALL chronic diseases, from Alzheimer’s to Diabetes to Heart Disease.

Chiropractic Care according to recent research, has been shown to boost blood levels of antioxidants, lower blood pressure, promote physiological relaxation, lower stress levels and increase quality of life. You should have a chiropractor like you have a dentist.