Health Benefits of Tea

Tea Falls Under the category of “Nutrition without Calories”. Drinking tea is an easy way to get more antioxidants into your diet. Antioxidants help reduce damage to tissues and DNA as well as reduce inflammation.

Inflammation plays a role in most known chronic diseases and in pain.

Total antioxidant content (from lowest to highest): 

Black < Oolong < Green < White < Matcha < Hibiscus

You can get more antioxidants from tea if you cold steep it (start with cold water, throw in tea, leave in fridge for 2 hours). You can also add lemon to tea which boost antioxidants (especially in white tea, which triples its normal amount).

Drinking tea has been shown to lower blood sugar, cholesterol and weight.

Tea is anti-mutagentic (helps protect against cancer) and the less processed it is, the better (White is better than green is better than oolong is better than black).

Tea contains a compound called Theanine, which elevates GABA (anti-anxiety), Serotonin (feel-good hormone) and dopamine (fine motor control).

The amount of theanine in 2 cups of tea will bring the brain into Alpha state (relaxed and focused) within an hour. The effect is similar to meditation.

Tea - so simple and yet so beneficial to your health!
Tea - so simple and yet so beneficial to your health!